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Do you know who you’re hiring? 

Finding a teammate can be expensive if you don’t do it right the first time, so you want to avoid making hiring mistakes. Basic background checks are important to make sure applicants are all they are claiming to be. 



Driver’s License Checks

Social Media

Fraud Checks

Criminal Checks

Reference Checks

Disc Profiling

Our process

Step 1

Get your candidate to sign a consent form (electronically or uploaded)

Step 2

Upload ID & Optional additional files

Step 3

Choose from the complete package of background checks, or tailor your checks to your needs


You get sent the results straight to your inbox

Starting from R15

How do you save time on hiring?

Hiring takes time, and the longer it takes tohire, the more expensive it gets. You alsorisk missing out on great talent. A lot of thetime spent on hiring is admin-related.

Crystal ATS is a cloud-based ApplicantTracking System that lets you save, sort,and stay in contact with your candidates –all automated an in one place.

We use Crystal ATS daily in our own processes and are constantly addingfeatures and time saving automation, sothe system is always being streamlinedand improved .

Here’s what you can do with CRYSTAL ATS:

Track your

your jobs

Do automated
reference checks

Search your

Move away from

Get constant time-saving
system updates

Starting from R4995

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