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The Problem

Businesses recruit slowly and the time to hire often takes too long and is often to the detriment of the business. Despite its major benefits for recruitment, many companies still perform recruiting activities manually, driving inefficiency towards their recruitment strategy. 

The Solution

The Job Crystal ATS! 

Our Applicant Tracking System is your one-stop platform for keeping track of your clients and candidates. Our cloud-based system allows you to add clients, roles, and candidates, keeping them all in one place for you to refer back to. Not only that, but because it was developed by people in the nitty-gritty, day-to-day of hiring, it’s geared to make the recruitment process as easy as possible. Our ATS is designed to take you from step 1 – creating your job spec – all the way through to conducting interviews, keeping track of your candidate management, and conducting background checks. 

Why Job Crystal?

  • As we have done recruitment for 12 years, we know all about keeping track of everything recruitment, and that’s why our ATS stands out. 
  • We use it daily, and we are constantly adding features and time saving automation. 



  • Add clients details (even automated birthday messages and crib notes) 
  • Add new job specs (and they automatically get advertised in a range of places like PNET, Adzuna etc) 
  • Add candidates (upload their original CVs, images, extra docs – automated CRM) 
  • Automatically ask candidates to electronically sign consent forms (POPIA requirement) 
  • Update job specs if they are closed, on hold etc 
  • Update candidates if they have an assessment or interview (and automatically send the candidate an email with all the help they need and info) 
  • Reporting function like interviews and who found the candidate who sourced them etc 
  • Blacklist candidates (yes those ones that lie etc) 
  • Link to a fully automated Background check system (WOW) 
  • And if you they way inclined link to an AI tool like Crystal 


Internal Organisation


Personalize your ATS with your logo, colour scheme, and company details. 


Create Unlimited users, assign them different roles within the organization, and manage working hours and leave. 


Manage each employees leave days and view a summary of their leave periods and what the purposes were. 

Applicant Tracking System


Create a profile for each of your clients detailing their terms, contact details, set up, and crib notes. 

Assign a ‘client owner’ to manage them and their recruitment process. 


Upload your job specs under the relevant client profile, have them advertised on multiple job portals automatically, and allow candidates to be tracked through the recruitment process. 


Upload all CVs in process for each role in order to track the candidate’s progress, send them interview details and references forms, and monitor which roles need additional attention. 


Keep track of all candidate interviews happening across your organization, send candidates automated interview details, and track the outcome of interviews. 


Save yourself the admin hassle of POPIA by sending your candidates an electronic consent form, with space to upload their supporting documents, and have all their information stored in one location. 


Send references at the click of a button and have the results sent to you by email once they’re completed. 

Candidates are automatically sent a link to fill in two or more of their referee’s contact details. 

Once these details have been filled in automated emails are sent to the referees containing a link to fill in the reference online at their leisure. 

Should a referee not complete the reference form the ‘candidate owner’ will receive an email notification advising them to complete the reference telephonically. 

Reminders are sent out if candidates do not complete the form, and they will also receive notifications if their referees have not completed the reference. 

*IP addresses are monitored to ensure candidates are not completing the references themselves. 


Run automated Background Checks from one central location and receive the results in your inbox! The orders and results are stored in an easy-to-view format, readily available for your recruitment process. 

Having already completed their consent form at the start of your recruitment process, you can easily run a variety of Background Checks on your candidates without any delay. 

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